Save Money and Avoid Blocked Drains

Posted by Administrator : Sunday 30th June 2013

It is commonly known that wet wipes and other similar products such as baby wipes are leading to more blocked drains. We can all be lazy at times and we have disposed of certain items incorrectly such as flushing them instead of binning them. However this often causes a blockages and/or overflows.

Important: If a blockage occurs in a property it is the owner's responsibility whether that is you as a home owner or your landlord. Wet wipes and baby wipes do not break down with water unlike a conventional toilet.

Drainage blockages can be very unpleasant and if they go unnoticed they could spill out into people's homes and gardens (This is particularly common in older houses). A singular wet wipe is not the problem, however over time they can gradually build up, producing a blockage or even an overflow.

To save yourself some money rethink what you flush down the toilet.

If you require blocked drain specialists or even CCTV drainage surveys do not to hesitate to contact our plumbers and drainage experts based across London and serving areas such as Kensington, Brixton and Acton.

This article was written by Mark Robinson and our plumbers from Clapham.